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Queen Elinor’s School of Knighthood and Chivalry

Queen Elinor’s School of Knighthood and Chivalry

Back in King Arthur’s Day, Merlin created a roundtable to show that no one is higher than another but each person is recognized for their strengths. At our Round Table, based on the historic tenets of Queen Elinor of Aquitaine and her Troubadours and Knights, we will practice Modern Chivalry – the Art of Compassionate Communication and Manners, from Debating to Dining, and the championing of values, such as integrity, courage, heroism, kindness, empathy, and justice.

Our Lords and Ladies will be drawn away from the digital adventures that fill up so much of our 21st Century lives, and will experience real adventures, as they learn fencing and archery, and take journeys that will connect them with Nature. Our quests will be for the highest good in our lives, and to the principles of being of service to our loved ones and community.


We will translate classic Chivalric oaths into applicable codes for our modern life, then hold one another accountable for actively practicing the Codes of Chivalry.


Merlin’s roundtable encouraged equality, justice, fairness.  The School of Knights gathers at the Round Table to solve problems as a community/democracy by following the principles of Chivalry and Robert’s Rules of Order as our structure.


There will be “off site” sessions in the chivalric and combat arts, and taught by experts in fencing and archery.


International rituals and ceremonies are explored and practiced – leading to a deeper understanding of how the implementation of  Tradition, Ritual and Ceremony creates consistency and safety in communities.


We will explore the best of the mythic and non-fiction stories of this period (the epic of the Holy Grail and stories of Glastonbury, Castle of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot) and tie them to our current quest for the highest good for ourselves, others and the world.

Grades: 2nd through 9th
Mondays from 4 pm to 6 pm
(plus 2 Saturday Field Trips, dates TBA)

January 7th to March 18th
Recital & Knighting Ceremony: March 18th

Tuition – $525.00
Financial Aid is available, based on need. Click here for more information.

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