Illspoken: The People vs. William Shakespeare – Los Angeles Drama Club

Illspoken: The People vs. William Shakespeare

Illspoken: The People vs. William Shakespeare

What would happen if Shakespeare’s Top Villains colluded in a Class Action Law Suit against the Bard for Defamation of Character?

Ill-Spoken: The People vs. William Shakespeare is now in rehearsals with our Willful Minors – we are delighted that our players are part of the Development team of the Third of this award winning Trilogy by playwright Blaire Baron.

Like Unspoken and Outspoken, the dark comedy brings 10 unwieldy characters into modern day to participate in the undoing of the Canon so they may enjoy a more seemly and positive Legacy. (The evil that men do lives after them.) They feel they have been unwittingly slandered and an explosive discussion arises over “Free Will” – if you follow our drift.

Playwright: Blaire Baron
Directors: Julia Wyson, Anniwaa Buachie

Fais Do Do – 5253 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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March 17, 18

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