LADC in residency at GALA

We are thrilled to announce that Los Angeles Drama Club is now part of the After School program at Girls Academic Leadership Academy, the first all-girls school within Los Angeles Unified School District! We feel that LADC’s mission is an ideal compliment to GALA’s mission – to graduate girls with a strong, confident, and independent voice, with collaborative and compassionate leadership skills, and with a sense of self and community.

We’ll be exploring one of Shakespeare’s most magical plays, The Tempest. A shipwreck, a mysterious island, kings, sprites, monsters, power grabs … and repentance. Performance is scheduled for Thursday, December 7th.

If you are a GALA student interested in participating, please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to learn how LADC can come to your school, please CLICK HERE.

Summer Recitals Every Friday!!

Our Summer season is in full swing, with a new recital every Friday afternoon!! Come join us as our students share their work – it’s extraordinary what our young performers accomplish in just one week!

Friday, June 30 at 2 pm

Friday, July 14 at 2 pm
Total immersion for our young actors (2nd through 9th grade)

Friday, July 21 at 2 pm
Our middle & high school students explore other playwrights with the same passion for language as Shakespeare

Friday, July 28 at 2 pm
Celebrating the music (both figurative and literal) in Shakespeare’s works

Friday, August 4 at 2 pm
Join us as we explore Greek myth and philosophy, Shakespeare-style

“Unspoken: Shakespeare’s Personae in Peril” at Hollywood Fringe

Get your tickets today for Blaire Baron Larsen’s original script, which was plucked from 150 applicants for the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival Scholarship Award, “for its themes of social marginalization, literacy preservation, and the play’s homage to the life of a stage actor,” says the playwright. “Our multi-cultural cast ranges from actors, ages 12 to 60, and you don’t often see that range onstage.”

Featuring performances by Larsen (AKA Miss Blaire), LADC teaching artists Will Gressman and Kila Packett, and LADC student Players Nadia Trinidad and Michael Goodman, Unspoken was originally conceived for Shakespeare Youth Festival LA, Fall 2015. Also featured in this production are Keith Barber, Ida Darvish, Brian Graves, Juliette Jeffers, Rochelle Leffler, and Brandon Nagle.

The play, directed by award-winning theatre veteran Matthew Singletary, features various minor Shakespearean “characters” held inexplicably in an Actor’s Greenroom until the discovery that they could be permanently cut unless their relevance is justified at a Tribunal. “It’s a bittersweet comedy, whose noteworthy theme embraces all marginalized people and groups having to claim their right to exist in a rapidly intolerant society,” affirms Singletary.

Saturday, June 3 @ 4 pm
Friday, June 9 @ 9 pm
Sunday, June 11 @ 7 pm
Saturday, June 17 @ 5:30 pm

Tickets are $12 and available by visiting online at All performances will be at the Underground Theatre 1314 Wilton Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028.

Summer with LADC – Register!

We are happy to announce that registration is open for Summer with LADC 2017 – a fantastic way to introduce kids to Shakespeare! Each session meets from 9 to 3, Monday through Friday, and culminates with a recital, sharing the work with parents, friends and the community. We believe that every child who is drawn to this work should be able to participate, so we offer a variety of scholarships. Please do not hesitate to apply!

Shakespeare Youth Festival 2017 – A Season of Revenge

The Box Office is open for Shakespeare Youth Festival LA 2017: A Season of Revenge. Purchase your tickets today for Titus Andronicus, Merchant of Venice and Hamlet.

Titus Andronicus

Saturday, April 22 & 29 at 1 pm
Sunday, April 23 & 30 at 5 pm

Merchant of Venice

Saturday, April 22 & 29 at 5 pm
Sunday, April 23 & 30 at 1 pm


Yorick Cast:
Aidan Lapp – Hamlet
Julia Eschenasy – Gertrude
Caroline Ellis  – Polonius
Arianna Mah-Candelaria – Laertes

Hecuba Cast:
Liam Larsen – Hamlet
Milan Levy – Gertrude
Jesse Waldman  – Polonius
Hazel Sepenuk – Laertes

All Performances:
Chris Venegas – Claudius
Sonny Moskowitz – Horatio
Jalen Tennyson – Ophelia
Juliette Millar – Marcellus/First Player/Osric
Vivian Wolfson – Rosencrantz
Samara Rice – Guildenstern

Friday, May 5 at 7:30 pm – Yorick
Saturday, May 6 at 3 pm – Hecuba
Sunday, May 7 at 4 pm – Yorick

Friday, May 12 at 7:30 pm – Hecuba
Saturday, May 13 at 3 pm – Yorick
Sunday, May 14 at 4 pm – Hecuba




SYFLA 2017 in rehearsal

Our Players are currently hard at work rehearsing Titus Andronicus: The Musical, Merchant of Venice, and Hamlet – all will be presented in April and May.

Titus Andronicus: The Musical
Fais Do Do – 5253 W. Adams Blvd.
April 22 & 29 at 1 pm
April 23 & 30 at 5 pm

Merchant of Venice
Fais Do Do – 5253 W. Adams Blvd.
April 22 & 29 at 5 pm
April 23 & 30 at 1 pm

Underground Theater – 1314 N. Wilton Pl.
May 5 & 12 at 7:30 pm
May 7 & 13 at 3 pm
May 8 & 14 at 4 pm



Los Angeles Drama Club was honored to be invited to perform at three branches of Los Angeles Public Library in January.

On January 21, seven of our Players traveled with Ms. Julia & Mr. Esdras to present An Afternoon with Shakespeare at the Woodland Hills Public Library.  In addition to performances of scenes from Merry Wives of Windsor, Macbeth, Troilus & Cressida/Trojan Women, and Henry V, our audience enjoyed learning stage combat moves, theater games, iambic pentameter and, everyone’s favorite, Shakespearean insults.

On January 28, we had the honor of performing Shakespeare’s Malicious Monarchs in the beautiful Mark Taper Auditorium at the downtown Central Library. Sixteen of our Players performed as some of Shakespeare’s most frightening and diabolical rulers, and those who supported them and opposed them.

After the Central Library performance, nine of our Players continued on to the Washington-Irving Library where we capped off their Shakespeare Festival. After enjoying some Shakespeare-themed snacks, we performed to an enthusiastic and packed house, who loved being asked to insult the Players, Shakespeare Style!

To learn how you can have Los Angeles Drama Club perform for your organization, visit our Willful Minors page.