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Financial Aid

Los Angeles Drama Club offers partial scholarships to qualifying students for all our classes. Scholarship space is limited, based on need and fills on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Applicants are required to fill out a form outlining their financial need, and to submit documentation supporting their need (please see form for required docs). The Financial Aid form does not guarantee a spot in the class. If you would like to hold a place for your child, please submit a $50 registration fee when sending in the application. This fee will be refunded if we cannot offer the necessary aid.
  • Students must arrive on time for class, and must have no unexcused absences. A student with unexcused absences will be ineligible for scholarship for a one-year period. To arrange an excused absence, please email 24 hours before class begins. In case of emergency, call 323-356-8962 or 323-632-7574 as soon as possible.
  • Inappropriate behavior in class could affect future scholarship eligibility and may result in dismissal from class.
  • If you have received a scholarship in the past, please contact us to request a continuation.

Scholarship Criteria and Conditions

We want all children to be able to participate in our program, and we make it our policy to turn no one away for inability to pay. That said, we depend on tuition to cover our expenses, and keep our organization going. We will review your application and contact you with an amount that can be covered with a scholarship.

Click here to begin the Financial Aid Application process.

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