Thanks to our generous sponsors – Los Angeles Drama Club

Thanks to our generous sponsors

LADC is proud to announce that the Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation is an official sponsor of Shakespeare Youth Festival LA. The Foundation’s generous donation makes it possible for all children to participate in this life-changing experience, and we are grateful for their generosity.

The Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation’s mission is to follow through with the late Jack Oakie’s wish, “Give the money to the kids,” by scholarships for deserving film and theater students at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country. Mrs. Oakie instructed the Trustees of the Foundation to keep her husband’s legacy alive and enhance the value of visual performing arts education. We are honored that the Foundation will be supporting our theater students – their donation will fund scholarships and financial aid for our bi-annual Shakespeare Youth Festival LA.

Both Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie were active participants in and during the famous Golden Age of Hollywood. Between them, they acted in more than 122 films over a 60-year period. Their contributions to acting and comedy can now be passed on to a new generation with the help of their Foundation scholarships.